Lack of snowmobile traffic crippling Burk’s Falls

BURK’S FALLS — Business owners are calling for action after snowmobile trail closures have eliminated the majority of their winter business in and around Burk’s Falls.

The Almaguin District Snowmobile Club announced last week that trails ADSC 306 (formerly D123) through Burk’s Falls and ADSC 305 (near Three Mile Lake) will both not be reopening this year “due to impossible terrain”.

The closure of these two main trails has Angela and Les Eliot, owners of Dayspring Cottages in Katrine, extremely concerned for the local economy.

“My concern is for my business, my future and my investment. But there are a lot of other people here who are going to suffer greatly,” said Les.

The Eliots have started a petition to try and garner support to save the trails. While driving around Katrine, Kearney and Burk’s Falls earlier this week passing out petitions, the Eliots were shocked to find out just how much of an impact trail closures have had.

“Businesses really are hurting. I didn’t realize how much they are hurting until we started dropping off these petitions,” said Angela. “I don’t think people knew what to do. When we went in and gave them the petition, they were just so pleased.”

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