“Gut-wrenching” decision closes Burk’s Falls snowmobile trail

ALMAGUIN — Burk’s Falls and Katrine are now inaccessible by snowmobile.

Unseasonably warm weather and a lack of funding has forced the Almaguin District Snowmobile Club to shut down multiple snowmobile trails throughout the region.

In past years, a thick base of snow has helped cover up rough, rocky patches along the local trails. A lack of snow and warmer temperatures over the past few weeks has exposed many of these rocky spots and made trails unsafe to travel.

“We don’t have the money to put thousands of dollars into grooming these trails,” said club vice president Rob Rickward.

“There is no funding from the Ontario Government, the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs has given us zero dollars and investing club money into a trail that crosses private property, which landowners could close down, is not really feasible.”

Trail ADSC 306 through Burk’s Falls and ADSC 305 (near Three Mile Lake) will both not be reopening this year “due to impossible terrain,” according to a statement posted on the club’s website.

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