Main snowmobile route into Powassan closed

POWASSAN — There will be no snowmobile trail in and out of Powassan this year.

The main trail, which goes through the municipality and connects snowmobilers with stores, restaurants and a gas station, will not be opened to the public this winter.

The South Shore Restoule Snowmobile Club was unable to quell the many concerns area landowners had in regards to snowmobilers using their land.

“The landowners had quite a few unsettled issues. We tried to work with them to get them back on board. We fixed some of the issues, but there were others that were beyond our limitations that we had no control over,” said club president Diane Tregunna.

Eventually, the half-dozen land owners along the trail decided it was too much of a risk to open up their property to the public, which has forced the club to keep the trail closed.

The SSR700 Trail, south from the D trail and north to the C110D trail, will not be opening this year.

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