Advertisement for North Bay ice hut rentals sparks online outrage

NORTH BAY — UPDATE: Controversial North Bay ice hut rental company doesn’t have commercial licence.

An ice hut rental company operating on Lake Nipissing received a ton of backlash on social media this week after posting a Kijiji ad discriminating against First Nations people.

“Please no status card users! You are not welcome in our huts. Equality for all or you will not get the time of day from us and will lose any deposits paid to us,” stated the ad posted on Dec. 20.

Marc David Hyndman, CEO of, later posted an apology on his Facebook page saying everyone is welcome in his huts providing they all fish under the same rules.

“To Local Native Canadians. We sincerely apologize from the bottom of our hearts the confusion and thusly hurt feelings that may have resulted from our poorly worded kijiji ad. Our ad was not mean to imply you are not welcome at our huts. Everyone is welcome at our huts on Sunset Point, Lake Nipissing. While in our huts we kindly ask you to obey the house rules. Everyone in our huts is to fish under one set of rules and regulations. You may still fish with us as long as Ontario 2017 fishing regulations are followed. This is to ensure our fishing location is not abused and that every guest in our hut is on a level playing field.”

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