Sundridge council recommits to establishing Official Plan

SUNDRIDGE – The Village of Sundridge council has decided they no longer want to run blind.

Over the course of the next two years council is aiming to establish an Official Plan and Strategic Plan for the village.

Sundridge has been operating for decades without an Official Plan and a Strategic plan. They have simply been doing research and seeking expert opinions each and every time a certain topic arises.

“We are basically running on our property standards and our building code,” said Councillor Don Richardson.

“(Elsewhere) I have always dealt with official plans and strategic plans and guidelines we could follow,” said Mayor Lyle Hall. “All of a sudden here we are doing it by the seat of our pants with the clerk’s opinion regarding the zoning bylaws, getting official lawyer’s opinions and getting planner’s opinions instead of just referring back to a master guidelines document.”

While the idea of tackling two large all-encompassing plans isn’t the most exciting task in the world, council debated the issue at the Dec. 21 meeting and decided they needed to be addressed.

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