Pickerel Lake Lodge employees still seeking unpaid wages

BURK’S FALLS – Addiction Canada, a chain of private drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities, is closing all of its facilities as company founder and CEO John Haines faces criminal charges and hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid wage claims.

In an email received Friday, Oct. 14, Haines confirmed reports he is shutting down all of his Addiction Canada facilities, saying he has “succumb to the economic pressures” and the challenges of operating a business “as a direct result of false and inaccurate claims.”

The Addiction Canada treatment centre operating out of Pickerel Lake Lodge near Burk’s Falls officially shut down in May after initially closing on a temporary basis in January. Addiction Canada had been operating at Pickerel Lake along with two other facilities in Ontario and two centres in Alberta. All are now closed.

However, the Ministry of Labour has received 27 complaints related to unpaid wages at Addiction Canada totalling $167,318 and 87 claims related to Vita Novus totalling $349,503.

Haines disputes these claims, but said that Addiction Canada investigates any claims made against them.

“Fair and accurate resolutions are always sought with regards to any disputes brought before us and any labour board issues are being dealt with,” stated Haines.

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