Lofthouse expansion to increase production and create more jobs

BURK’S FALLS – Officials with Lofthouse Manufacturing expect the new 48,000 sq. foot expansion to increase production at the facility by 20 to 25 per cent over the next two years.

The addition to the plant, which sits on Ontario Street at the north end of Burk’s Falls, nearly doubles the size of the manufacturing space. Add in the pre-existing 47,000 sq. foot manufacturing plant and office space and the expansion brings Lofthouse’s footprint to 113,000 sq. feet.

Lofthouse has come along way since 2008, when it entered into bankruptcy protection. Italy-based Brawo Brassworking came in and purchased the company, and has since invested more than $30 million into growing and re-establishing Lofthouse as a powerhouse in the manufacturing industry.

“We are one of the true shining stars in manufacturing in Canada, if not North America,” said production manager Robert Miller, who is in his sixth month with the company.

In January of 2015 the owners invested $2 million on a 550-tonne Praber automatic forging press, the only one of it’s kind in North America, and $2.5 million on a Veriflex transfer machine. They then went out and bought a new graphitizer, which automatically applies the right amount of graphite to metal pieces before they go into an automatic forge press.

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One thought on “Lofthouse expansion to increase production and create more jobs

  1. The expansion of Lofthouse did not increase job opportunities. It did just the opposite. Up to 10 or more people have lost their jobs due to the company now having problems meeting financial obligations. This is a shame after this company receiving interest free loans and government grants only to have the government now having to supply UI benefits for all these employees.

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