MacKenzie Street residents angry over approved townhouses

BURK’S FALLS – Residents around MacKenzie Street are outraged over the ten-unit townhouse development that was approved by village council last month.

The building, which will include five townhouses each with their own legal in-law suite, will be located below the village parking lot on Ontario Street.

“We had a nice little community feel and with this coming here I think it is going to dissipate that,” said Diana Warriner, who owns a lot adjacent to the development.

MacKenzie Street is currently only occupied by single-dwelling homes, so the ten-unit townhouse development is going to bring a lot more residents to the subdivision. Many in the area, including Warriner, are worried about the parking complications and congestion the building could cause.

In order to approve the ten-unit building for MacKenzie Street, the Village of Burk’s Falls council had to amend their general standards zoning bylaw, which restricted the number of dwellings on a lot to nothing bigger than a duplex.

The amendment, which will allow for multi-unit townhouses to be built on lots throughout the village, is something that scares residents.

“It is not just a MacKenzie Street concern. It is a Village of Burk’s Falls concern. With the town amending the bylaw it is just open season here in Burk’s Falls. We don’t know where (this developer) will stop or any other developers for that matter,” said Kim Joiner, who owns a house on the corner of Yonge Street and MacKenzie Street.

“We have to get rid of that not in my backyard mentality… that as long as it isn’t in my backyard it doesn’t mater. Because it is coming to your backyard,” said Warriner.

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