Fieger improves to 3-0

As seen in the Bonnyville Nouvelle

Mark Fieger is still an undefeated professional fighter after going toe-to-toe with Dallyn Wirachowsky and emerging with a split decision victory.

Fieger, an MMA fighter from Bonnyville, went three five-minute rounds with Wirachowsky on Friday night at the Cold Lake Energy Centre in King of the Cage’s Mach 3 event. The two fighters traded vicious blows the entire way through and by the end of the bout both men were tired, bloody and beaten.

Fieger, who goes by “White Cheddar,” was announced as the victor winning by split decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28) in a fight that was evenly matched throughout.

“I feel happy I won for sure, but I’m sore. My hand hurts, my face hurts, my ear hurts. I’m hurting,” said Fieger, post-fight while waiting for a doctor.

The match saw Fieger improve his professional MMA record to 3-0, in this his 11th career fight in front of judges.

The opening round of the fight saw Fieger land several heavy blows, with Wirachowsky holding his ground and dishing equally as heavy punches right back.

“My game plan ended after 15 seconds when he didn’t go down,” said Fieger, who was able to drop his opponent in 29 seconds during his last bout.

This fight was destined to go the distance with both fighters not showing any signs of slowing down. They continued to trade big punches, kicks and knees in the centre of the ring for another two rounds before the judges called Fieger victorious. 

“I was trying to knock him out. The game plan was to throw heavy and knock him out but he wouldn’t go down,” said Fieger.

Wirachowsky also had the same mindset going into the match, hoping to overpower Feiger with heavy punches. The similar game plans clashed and led to an all out war.

“I just stuck to my game plan,” said Wirachowsky. “I thought the fight could have gone either way.”

Feiger was able to land several body blows in the middle round hammering on Wirachowksy with several knees to the abdomen. He also was more successful at landing shots with his right leg.

“That was crazy hard work. I am so tired,” said Fieger. “He was super tough. The toughest guy I have ever fought.”



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